Overview // Concepts

The following concepts are used within Timestamp:

  • Account: A customer of Timestamp. Has a unique name (e.g. redsequence) which is used to create a unique URL:

    Example: https://redsequence.ontimestamp.com

    Allows settings to be uniquely specified. Has at least one User who is the Owner.

  • User: Belongs to an Account. Has a unique email address (e.g. user1@redsequence.com), and an optional reference per Account. Can be a give Project roles.

  • Client: Belongs to an Account (i.e. the customer of an Account). Has a unique name per Account (e.g. Client 1).

  • Project: Belongs to a Client. Has a unique name per Client (e.g. Project 1) and optionally a code, which is unique per Account (e.g. PROJ1).

  • Task: Belongs to a Project. Has a unique name per Project (e.g. Task 1).

  • Time Entry: An record of time logged against a Task by a User.

  • Expense: An record of an out-of-pocket expense logged against a Project by a User.

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