Real-time project tracking for you and your clients

One click project tracking that you can act upon, and your clients will love.
Easy cost, revenue and profitability analysis

Project insights Project insights Project insights

Leave your clunky spreadsheets behind

  • When will we run out of money for this project?
  • Are we invoicing accurately?
  • Do we have capacity for another project?
  • How much time are we spending on unbillable work?
  • Are any team members underutilised?
  • Is this the type of project that maximises our profits?

Getting answers to the above questions can be time consuming, repetitive and error-prone. But they are questions that need answering on a daily basis to avoid falling in to the common trap of not charging enough for projects through lack of visibility or poor estimation (or both!)

Import or track your time and expenses and let Timestamp do the number crunching, giving you the real-time answers you need. Cost, revenue and profitability reporting helps you figure out what makes you profitable, what processes need improving and ultimately saves you time and money.

Without Timestamp
With Timestamp

Timestamp. Win back your time

Real-time project dashboards

See clearly, at a glance, where your project's at, and where it's going. Watch your budgets, delve in to where you are spending your time and see if you are making money. Read more.

Give your clients a dashboard of their own

Stop wasting time manually compiling reports for your clients and give them access to a dashboard of their own. They can see in real-time the status of their projects. Read more

Complete timesheets effortlessly

Let's face it, timesheets can be a chore. Making time entry as easy as possible, from any device reduces the burden on you and your team. Simply start typing or use a mouse. Need to track time down to the minute? Quickly start a timer. All accessible from one elegant interface. Read more

Streamline the way your team report their expenses

Track and rebill expenses easily. Bin the paper receipts; simply upload a photo from your smartphone, or scan and attach on your desktop.

Track expenses accurately

Works everywhere

Mobile is a big deal. Timestamp has been carefully designed to work across all your devices so you never lose track of the precious minutes of your day, or forget to add an expense.

Works on tablets
Works on mobile

Works well with others

Timestamp never forces you to replace your existing tools. Integrate with popular invoicing, project management, and business intelligence tools. If your tool isn't listed, simply contact us and we'll be happy to consider supporting it.

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