Your data is in safe hands

The security and availability of your data is important to you, and important to us.

Azure hosted

Microsoft Azure hosted for reliability and scalability. Based on load we are able to scale up to handle the number of users active to ensure no degraded performance and quick access to your account at all times.

Secure connections

The security of your data is very important to us. Timestamp uses 256-bit SSL technology and always keeps our configuration up to date to avoid the latest attacks and exploits.

We maintain an A grade on the Qualys SSL labs test, better than many banks (test our configuration now)

Data backup and fault tolerance

Regular data backups and fault tolerance ensures that if anything goes wrong we will not lose any of your important information.

As well as 5-minute database backup policy for quick restores we also store geo-replicated backups for the worst-case catastrophic event in a single data center.

Always improving

We are constantly updating and improving Timestamp so you get the latest features and improvements without lifting a finger.