Timestamp for Google Apps

Seamless sign-on, less fuss

Let users sign-in how they know, using their Google Apps credentials.

Users have one less password to remember. You won't need to reset Timestamp passwords!

Google Apps screenshot

Import your users

Keep your users up to date automatically. Reduce the overhead of two sets of users, with two sets of passwords.

More control

Your password policies are your own. Enforce them at source and never worry about losing or forgetting another password.

Real-time project dashboards

See clearly, at a glance, where your project's at, and where it's going. Watch your budgets, delve in to where you are spending your time and see if you are making money. Read more.

Give your clients a dashboard of their own

Stop wasting time manually compiling reports for your clients and give them access to a dashboard of their own. They can see in real-time the status of their projects. Read more

What is Google Apps?

Single sign-on with Google apps allows you and your users to sign in to Timestamp using their existing credentials.